‘My Life Story Highlights’ is a specialist service for the Aged Care industry and for those with loved ones in Aged Care.  


An informative questionnaire gathers the condensed history of a resident's life, which is then structured into a short story and presented in a custom template.  Delivered via PDF it can be displayed in a resident’s room or at the Nurses's station, allowing staff and visiting medical professionals to get to know and understand the lives and history of those in their care.


Delivered online or sent via email, options are also available for in-house and personal interviewing.


Please contact me personally for options.


* Cost per person.


My Life Story Highlights

  • Consumer-centred aged care is designed around a resident’s needs, preferences and background and is a partnership between consumers and health care providers.  Understanding a person’s culture, history and background allows carers to acknowledge and be actively aware of these differences and achieve the best possible outcomes for your consumers.


    When you know someone’s personal history you strengthen their identity by emphasising and reflecting upon who they have been and not just on their immediate presentation, allowing them to maintain their respect, dignity and connection to the outside world.  


    When staff know a resident’s life story it influences how they interact with that individual in a way that is much more impactful than a multitude of facts, fostering compassion, care and respect.