Here at My Life Story, we believe stories can change the world.


"A child at the knee of its grandparent can be deeply moved and influenced by the stories their grandparent shares.  Those stories can go on to shape their whole outlook on life.  Yet nowadays, families are often scattered across countries, even continents, and the wisdom and stories are lost to those who can most benefit".


We believe there is a great need in the world for the stories that connect and bind us.  Not only within our own families but within the larger context of guiding and edifying the next generation. 


Intergenerational social exchange helps to ensure the experiences and lessons of the past are carried through to positively influence and inspire future generations.  Not only about where we have come from, but also in which direction we wish to go.


There is nothing more powerful or precious than the wisdom of our elders, or more valuable than their desire to share that wisdom with those they love. Guiding and mentoring their children, their grandchildren, and even their great, great grandchildren across the generations.


Sharing stories connects us and inspires hope for a better future.  Let me help you tell yours.