A specialised service for the Aged Care industry, offering an abridged version of a resident’s personal history in a single sided A4 document that can be printed on site and displayed in a resident’s room.


Older adults have lived rich, long and complex lives, yet when it becomes necessary for the support that only Aged Care can offer, they may find themselves in a position where they lose their identity.  Separated from their home, family and everything that is familiar to them, they risk being seen only for the person they present as today and not for who they once were.  


Acknowledging a resident’s personal history is what allows older adults to maintain their respect, dignity and connection to the outside world.


Consumer-centred Aged Care is designed around a resident’s needs, preferences and background and is a partnership between families and health care providers.  Understanding a person’s story; their culture, history and background, allows carers to acknowledge and be actively aware of these differences and achieve the best possible outcomes for those in their care.


My Life Story Highlights is a service which features the condensed history of an individual’s life in a custom template and presents it as an A4 one-sided 'Life Story' for printing and display in a resident’s room.


Residents, relatives or carers complete a guided online questionnaire that gathers the core information of a person’s story.  This is then edited, and a fascinating, short biography of that person’s life is created, connecting individuals and preserving the generational stories of those we care for.   Personal interviews are also available.