Telling your life story is a chance to travel back in time and relive cherished memories

Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  I feel like my life has been quite ordinary.  Why anyone would be interested in reading my story?

You don’t have to be famous to write your life story.  Whilst you may not have discovered a cure for cancer, or become a self-made millionaire, you have had more impact upon on other people’s lives than you can imagine.  You probably don’t realise how much the things you have said and done and the times you have spent together mean to your loved ones.. Think of your grandparents, parents and other family members who are no longer a part of your life.  Are there things you wish you could ask them today? Are there parts of their lives and who they were as people that you wish you knew better? Your loved ones will feel the same way towards you. The people who read your story will learn things about you and their family that they would never know otherwise.  Reflecting on your life can also be very enlightening and cathartic,  It lets you look back in time, relive the good times, forgive yourself for any mistakes and embrace past sorrows.   The act of writing your story will lead you to recall and more fully appreciate the life you have lived. 


2.  There are parts of my life I’m not entirely comfortable to share.  

Here at My Life Story we focus on the positive.  This does not have to be a ‘warts and all’ account of someone’s life.  Whilst we believe that what matters is authenticity, voice, and perspective, what matters most is that stories get told.  In all their imperfect glory.  We understand that no life is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, us included!.  However, it is not our intention to focus on disasters, but rather to showcase the best of a person’s life.   Those experiences that shaped us, the memories that bring a smile, and what we learned along the way.  There is no requirement or need to bring up unwanted memories, and if you feel they are best left in the past, that is where we will leave them.


3. What if I live in a remote area or another city?

Whilst I live on the Gold Coast of Queensland, the wonders of modern technology mean that location doesn’t need to be an issue.  Whilst most of my packages include local travel if you are within a 50km radius, I am able to conduct interviews either online or by telephone depending on what technology you are most comfortable with.  I am also happy to travel further by agreement. 


4. What if I'm not computer literate?

Don’t worry!  Many of us aren’t!   During our initial discussion, we will talk about what works best for you.  The process works quicker using technology, such as Facetime, Skype, email and the Internet, but if that is challenging for you, consider asking a friend or relative to help you out.  Other than that, telephone, or we’ll even use carrier pigeon if we have to!  (Although they can be tricky to handle!)


5. Will I get to read what you have written before it is printed?

Yes. I’ll ask you to read the first draft to make any changes before adding your selected photos and the book is sent for printing.


6. Can someone else be present at my interview?  

Yes, absolutely.  Although if you wish them to contribute to the biography you must purchase the Platinum package.


7. Can my interviews be broken into 1 hour sessions?

For planning and scheduling purposes every session is a minimum of two hours.


8. How many pages will my book have? 

Each book is different depending on the information provided, the number of photos selected and the package chosen.


9. Suppose my book needs more hours than my package covers?  

The packages are designed as a framework to operate within.  Should more time be required, I will let you know well in advance, and in consultation with you, decide the best way forward.  


10. What is the difference between a Life Story, a Biography and a Memoir?  

The timeline covered in the writing. A life story, or biography, focuses on the chronology of the person’s entire life while a memoir covers one specific aspect of the person’s life.


11.  How do the payments work?

Payment is made in three stages.  50% upon signing the initial agreement, 25% upon acceptance of the draft, and 25% upon completion.  Payment made be made by direct bank transfer, credit or debit card.

12. How long does the process take?

That depends on which package is selected, and the timeline of the client for scheduled interviews. Each package is different.  Usually between 1-6 months from the date of acceptance.  If you require a Life Story or Memoir for a special occasion, such as a parent’s birthday, we suggest you give a minimum of 6 months notice to ensure the work is able to be completed in time.   Once the draft has been approved for printing we aim to have your book to you within 30 days.


13. Do I get an online copy?  

Yes.  You will receive an eBook in a Flipbook format. In general, younger audiences like the flexibility of being able to read books online.


14. What will my book look like?

Your book will be professionally printed to book shop quality either in a single copy, or, if more than 120 pages, in a series of volumes.  You will be able to choose from a selection of cover artwork to suit your taste.


15. Will my details remain confidential?

Absolutely.  Our promise to you is that your interview process will be kept in the strictest confidence at all times.  The only people who see your story will be those with whom you choose to share it.