My name is Becky Scott, and coming from a family of writers, publishers and editors I have long been fascinated by the power of the written word to shape and inspire others.


I love listening to stories and rarely have I heard more inspiring or captivating ones than during my time spent volunteering in aged care homes.  I found the people there loved nothing more than reliving old memories and sharing the laughter, moments, mishaps and the magnificence of their daily lives.  


Many stories were forged through conditions almost unimaginable to us today, yet rarely did I see anything other than an unquenchable pioneering spirit, pride and a deep wisdom, often gained in the deepest trenches of life.  


Many laughs were shared, and it inspired in me a desire to capture these stories and share them with the world before they were lost forever.  


My Life Story was born to honour the contribution, wisdom, and memory of those whose lives touched mine, and thus enable other families to cherish, remember and share the lives of those they love.