They say to truly understand someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes…..


A person's life story is full of unique experiences.  It combines a lifetime of learning, triumph, adversity and hard-won wisdom, gained in the everyday, sometimes humdrum existence of our daily lives.   


Stories tell us who a person is, where they came from, what they learned, who they loved and how they lived.  It is a story of adventure, challenge, joy, sorrow, disaster and triumph.   

A story with a fascinated audience.  Your family!  


People have always used storytelling as a way to pass on their legacy, their wisdom and their knowledge through the generations.  Stories bind us to a common heritage and belief.  


Stories are the foundation of human relationships.   


They inspire, influence and delight…..


Everybody has a

story to tell. 

The story of their life.

A story like no other.

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